Filderstadt - gemeinsam im Rhythmus

Drum Circle

A Drum Circle is an interactive music event where everyone can participate, even without prior experience. From the very beginning, music is created, and everyone becomes part of a large drum ensemble. mehr...


Filderstadt: Diverse, colorful, and vibrant with a variety of different institutions and associations. But what truly defines Filderstadt are the diverse people of all ages, with various cultural backgrounds, from all social backgrounds, and different walks of life. This Drum Circle aims to be a place where people can come together and connect beyond their differences, sharing and exchanging in rhythm.


The event is free, thanks to the support of the Filderstadt Civic Foundation. Their sponsorship covers the venue rental and also finances additional expenses. We extend our heartfelt thanks for their generous support!
The "Künstler der Filder e.V." will capture the emerging music live in artworks.
The drum ensemble TamTam will provide musical support to the Drum Circle and give us insight into West African rhythms.

About me

In the Drum Circle, I bring together my fascination for music and groups. Both have been a part of my life for almost as long as I can remember. mehr...


To carry out the entirely volunteer-organized Drum Circle, I am looking for dedicated volunteers. Who has the time and desire to assist with promotion or lend a hand on the day of the event? Please fill out the following form so that I can get in touch with you!


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The "Bürgerhaus Mörikesaal" is wheelchair accessible thanks to an elevator.

Public Transportation: The "Plattenhardt Rathaus" bus stop (lines 76, 77, 812, 813) as well as the "Plattenhardt Schnecken" bus stop (line 818) are nearby.

Parking: Various parking options are available in the town center.